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10 Ways Your Smartphone Is Ruining Your Life

Smartphones are more ubiquitous now than they’ve ever been before. Honestly, it seems like people are glued to their phones, which is kind of upsetting. If someone’s battery dies or if someone is without their phone for a few minutes, they act like it’s the end of the world. Sure, smartphones are great for many things, but if you are starting to realize that your phone is ruining things for you, you’re not alone — and you’re not exactly wrong, either.

Here are the ways in which smartphones are actually ruining our lives.

Being Present
You must have witnessed people texting while crossing the road. They are so much engaged on their smart phone that they fail to follow the traffic rules. Many a time people were getting hit by cars because they wouldn’t look up from their phones while crossing a street.

Car Accidents
This one is pretty obvious, but if you are texting, tweeting, or browsing Facebook while driving, it makes your chances of getting into an accident so much higher. Just remember that you’re driving a two-ton hunk of metal around. No text, tweet, or status is worth losing your life, or taking the life of someone else.

Have you ever freaked out at the sight of a low battery message? Most of us probably have. The anxiety associated with dying phones is wholly unique to the age of the smartphone. Next time you stop by your local cafe, check out how many people are attached to the wall while charging their phones. Sounds like a blast, doesn’t it?

Interpersonal Communication
Have you noticed that people seem to have a more difficult time talking to each other these days? So much of our communication is done via e-mail, text, and other forms of instant messaging that we’ve literally forgotten how to talk to one another.

Good posture has become a thing of the past, and that’s because we’re all constantly hunched over our phones. It’ll be interesting to see how many people from our generation will be able to stand up straight when they’re 80 years old.

During the work day, how many times do you look at your phone? Probably a lot, right? This is especially true if your job isn’t constantly busy and engaging. Next thing you know, an hour has gone by and you haven’t done any work. Smartphone surfing is making people worse at their jobs because they are constantly connected browsing social media.

Increased Stress
Have you ever broken or lost your phone? If you have, then you’ve probably experienced the deep depression that goes along with breaking your precious little phone. Most people will spend any amount of money to replace their smart phone as soon as possible for fear that they’ll miss something.

Research from Kent State University shows that people who spend the most time on their phones have the lowest fitness levels. Even with all the helpful fitness apps out there, people are more prone to play games and lay on their couches than hit the gym. In the study, people who limited their phone usage to 90 minutes per day were found to be in the best shape.

If you are using your phone in bed, you are really screwing up your sleeping patterns. It is suggested to postpone all your activities till morning. Sleeping is more important than checking your likes on Instagram.
Paying Attention
Because people are so fixated on paying attention to the phones that are vibrating in their pockets, it’s often difficult for them to focus on the outside world. This can be a problem, especially if you’re expected to do well at school or work.(Source: hamariweb)

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