An Adventurous Trip to Murree

Few months ago, my sister mentioned visiting Murree during winters for enjoying snowfall. I did not think about it much as I knew that my Mother would not be able to go there during winters because of extreme cold. Last weekend, my sister told me that we better visit Murree in the coming days as heavy snow fall was expected there, I was not willing to go there, however on Wednesday morning i.e on January 18th, 2017, my Mother insisted me to accompany them as we watched the news of heavy snow fall in Murree. Any how, I had bath quickly, got myself ready and left for my Mother’s home. One of our closed family friends accompanied us as well. We left for Murree with great excitement, it was raining in Islamabad and the weather was extremely cold. On reaching Murree Expressway, we faced a massive traffic jam as a lot of people were going to Murree due to snow fall.

The restaurants on the way were all closed. There was 3 feet snow there, the cars were moving slowly, the people stopped at different points for enjoying snow fall, we stopped at as point for a while to take some photographs, it was literally freezing and one could not stay out for long, we  proceeded to Murree, however on the turn toward Mall Road, we heard Motorway police was announcing that Mall road was jam packed and the people better go back. It was a weekday but it seemed like weekend. We started moving toward Kashmir point, we reached there with great difficulty at the time of sunset, it was already too late so we decided to have meal there and then returning to Islamabad. Every thing was freezing, my limbs were totally numb.

We ordered Chicken Karahi and asked the restaurant’s waiter to open the cabin for us so that we could get some relief from cold. Any how we had meal in freezing weather, then ordered green tea and after that left for Islamabad, it was around seven o’ clock in the evening, the temperature wad minus 3, however the real feel was minus six. There were people who were reaching Murree that time as well, we remained stuck in the traffic for one hour then got the way cleared. It was a short trip, however we enjoyed a lot as there a thick layer of snow every where, when the sun appeared in between, it seemed as if silver scattered every where. Member - Author of this Article
Uzma Javed
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  1. Hmm, I enjoyed snow fall in Murree twice this time, it was amazing!

  2. The scenery of heavy snow is awesome, although it is freezing but Still a great fun