Beauty of Jinnah Avenue Islamabad

As the  month of August started, we could see that the preparations of Independence Day were in full swing. All the buildings, streets, roads and houses were decorated with flags or lights. But there was one place in Islamabad that really took my breath away as I entered that road last week.

The colors on Jinnah Avenue Road had never looked so beautiful before. In the beginning of the month, there were only two or three stalls on the roadside where these men were selling our beautiful flags, wearing big smiles on their faces. Anyone could tell by the look on their face that they were very proud of what they were doing and were also very excited. These little stalls which were about four to six feet away from each other contained not only just flags but many other things that could be used by children as well as adults on this special day. For example, badges, scarves, flags in different sizes, balloons, crackers, little green turbans,  long strings having Pakistan flag etc. But as the Independence Day approached, there were only two colors: green and white that could be seen  on both sides of the road. No one could ignore the beauty of that road even before but these two colors of our flags that were seen on both sides of the road enhanced it even more.

It was a nice cloudy afternoon. As I drove my car and entered that road from f-10 side, I observed  how the wind was making our flags wave elegantly in the air. I couldn’t help myself and stopped for a moment to hear the waving sound of those big flags. It almost seemed like the flags were dancing with joy to celebrate this big day with us and were  being joyful about people driving through them and making them wave and scream with happiness even more. “Could there be anything sweeter than this sound to listen to or anything more spectacular to look at ?”, I thought. I don’t think  the beauty of that moment can be compared with anything or described in words. Such breath taking sights and moments has be experienced by yourself because they are something incomparable and  indescribable and almost alive. Member - Author of this Article
Salva Ziyad
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