Cyber Crime: Preventions

Cyber Crime also called Computer Crime is a crime in which a computer and a network are involved. These crimes are cause harm to a nation’s security and affects economy. Problems nearby these types of offenses have become high-profile, particularly involving hacking, copyright infringement, child pornography, and child grooming. This creates issues of privacy when confidential information is revealed or intercepted.

Information and communication technologies (ICT) plays an important role in ensuring interoperability and security based on global standards. Computer crime refers to criminal exploitation of the Internet.

Computer crime can be classified in three ways:

  • The computer as a target – attacking other computer e.g. infecting viruses & spreading malware, etc.
  • The computer as a weapon – using a computer to constrain traditional crime such as fraud or illegal gambling
  • The computer as an accessory – using a computer as a filing cabinet to steal information or store it illegally

Prevention will always be the best way of protection against cyber criminals. There are definitely some general steps one should practice which will really decrease probability of attacks.

Education and awareness across people will is the main factor to defend against various types of cybercrime. With education and awareness securing Computers, Digital Assets, and Networking is also important to stay safe from cybercrimes.

To avoid becoming a prey of cyber crime, it is essential for all of us to admit duty for our own security and protection online. This means using safe online practices and being aware of the ways that criminals try to obtain personal information online.

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