Exciting Mondays….

Which day of the week people hate mostly? I’m sure you will go for Monday if asked. And it’s natural, who’d like to go to office, school or college after having a nice cozy restful weekend? Monday mornings always seem to be very cruel, as if someone is waking us up on a gun point. Some of us fear the Monday office day or school day so much that it ruins our Sunday evenings thinking and being upset about it. But it’s not fair.

Have you ever thought why are we always looking forward to weekends, apart from being able to sleep a little bit more? I started wondering what exactly could be the reason for us to become ‘early weekend risers’,especially our children. The reason is very simple. It is just because we impatiently wait for the fun day and activities we plan for ourselves on weekends which motivates us to wake up early no matter how less we sleep. And since there’s less motivation, or no motivations at all on Mondays, we do have problem to wake up early or perform any tasks.

So what exactly could be done in order to make our Mondays worth waiting for? How about we plan something exciting for this day of the week as well? Finding hard to do it? Don’t worry, it’s just kind of a habit that you need to develop, once you do that, this habit will be a hard one to break.

My Mondays have never been so beautiful. In fact, now it’s my most favorite day of the week. Just because every Monday, I have something I’m looking forward to. Once my kids come back from school, we have lunch, following the homework, then I take them out for a little drive, I buy us French fries, or juice or ice-cream. We talk while driving or having out little junk food, my kids tell me their stories of the day and I tell them how I spent my day while they were at school. And sometimes, if they don’t have that much homework, I take them for swimming which is a big treat for them. On our way back, I drop my elder son for his tuition, while my little son and I come back home. This makes them so happy and makes their mind fresh, that every Monday morning, it is really easy to wake them up as there is a reinforcement there.

We live in a joined family system, so things get really easy for us, because my husband and I can leave kids at home without any fear. Once our kids fall asleep, my husband I sneak out for a drive or rarely for dinner. It is the most relaxing time of the week I’d say ‘cos we get to communicate with each other in peace which is very important thing for a healthy relationship.

Initially for like three weeks it was hard to adapt or get used to this Monday routine, but once you realize how much fun it is, you do look forward to this day of the week. Don’t plan something big as weekdays are usually busy and hectic, just a small little drive will turn out to be changing your mood and your mind set. So tell me, what are you planning for this Monday?

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