My Golden Memories of China

Golden memories are the important part in one’s life, they can be related to a specific place, a special person or a group of people, an event, etc; in my life the golden memories are associated with China where I spent four precious years of my life. It was that time, I felt that I was a free soul and could do anything. After doing my Graduation from Pakistan, I got admission in National University of Modern Languages(previously NIML)Chinese Department for doing certificate course, somehow, I started showing deep interest in learning the language, few months later, at the end of the course, I stood first in the course and was nominated for Cultural Exchange Scholarship for studying in China. I was too excited for going to China. I started doing preparations for that and waited anxiously for the moment of flying to China.

On the way to China, I arrived at Capital International Airport,Beijing then took a connecting flight to Shanghai and finally reached Nanjing from there. Nanjing is one of the ancient capital cities of China, it was declared the Capital of China by Sun Yatsun who was the founder of Republic of China after the dynastic rule. I reached my University, got the room key and went into my room. Next day we had our registration, received the stipend of two months in advance and did other relevant formalities. Few days later, our lessons started and I got busy in the studies. Most of the foreign students in our Institute were Koreans and then Japanese. There were Vietnamese, Laotians, Thais, Americans, Europeans and Australians as well. When the students belonging to various nationalities used to communicate in Chinese, it sound quite interesting and I felt as if everybody in this world can speak Chinese. It was a good opportunity to know about various cultures through Chinese language.

There were few things in China which I really miss here in Pakistan among them is different types of Chinese food items, you can find the food of every kind there, salty, spicy, sour, sweet, BBQ,seafood, etc; There are Muslim Restaurants in every city. Roasted Peking duck is available in Peking Duck restaurants which is equally liked by both natives and the foreigners. The items of Chinese Breakfast include steam buns, baozi (stuffed buns with vegetable or meat served with a special sauce) Gelatinous Rice, Soya bean Milk, etc.

Another thing is safe travelling in the country, I visited various places during my stay in China and enjoyed travelling a lot, the travelling was quite secured, the only thing you need to do is to take care of your belongings. I travelled more in China as compared to Pakistan and the reason is safe and convenient travelling. I made few Chinese friends there, who were my language partners as well, in the beginning, I used to practice Chinese with them, with the passage of time,they turned in to my friends.

Overall, it was a very pleasant experience of being in China. I wish that I could visit China again and refresh my old memories.


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  1. Really it is true that golden memories are unforgettable, you are lucky that you enjoyed alot in China and Lived there as free soul.