Grades is always superior then Excellence

Oh my God! Did i really write this title ”Grades is always better then excellence”
Why are you shocked?
It is the fact of our society that grades is better then excellence because we only study for grades. Excellence, just don,t think about that. Most of the people also got agreed with me on this title because they feel that they survived only when they have good grades. They can job well,earn well,save well. Alas! they never educate well. This society force me to make this statement as title of my article that grades is superior then excellence.We develop a worst mentality in every child’s mind that if you did not get good grades then leave education.You have no right to get education for excellence. I have wrote all this only for those parents who are so much rude and extraordinary conscious about their children and their grades. I want to inform them that your child is a human being not a robot,who acts on your signals.
He has his own likeness,goods,bad and interests.But parents always implement their own choices on their children,So in this case how a child polish his inner talent,how he excel in excellence. Its near to impossible.
Now came to the positive point that
”Excellence is always Superior then Grades”.
I hope all the educated people were agree with me on this statement that ”Excellence is always superior the Grades”
But did we practice it?
did we implement it?
A small boy when got admit in school has brainwashed by the teachers and parents that you had to get good marks otherwise there is no benefit of study,this formula makes deep roots in the mind of a small child and he start working hard and he get good marks too. Time passes and that boy making his way to upper classes step by step and after matriculation he has a degree with 90% marks but he has no idea no self confidence while making decision and a trend is parents and friends force him to study medical or non medical subjects,just like a machine he starts working on it. By all this phenomena the knowledge power never increases just the mental pressure increases and he cleared the medical or other field.
Now when the practical life started, he faces plenty of problems because he did not have any excellence regarding his field but have high grades.Our society proudly accepts a person having high grades,similarly low grades have no value.I am not asking that grades are nothing but it did not mean that grades are everything.That person just earn in his whole life,he did not do anything special regarding his field and stuck to 70000 for whole life,because the concept is to just educate for better earning.But if a person did not educate he can also earn,because earning is must for survival.
Then what is education?
why it is required?
Just for money…
I request to change this thinking.All the parents please don,t force your son or daughter to become doctor or non medical.The circle of life is very vast,ask your child to study for excellence not only for grades.
Why we did not progress?
why corruption is at peak?
why there is no law and order?
because we are educated illiterates.We study only for grades to get jobs,no one progressed in excellence and eventually there is no implementation of that education.Most of us just forget about the education when they came into the earning era and there is no practical of their education.So,they have only one aim,that is to earn.What ever comes and from where ever it comes.And in result the overall society gets weaker and weaker.
These are the basic reasons that being educated,we did not have a educated society as in combine.
We have to change our mentality and approach towards education system otherwise we are responsible for the destruction of our generations.
And As a society,

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