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History of Social Media in Pakistan

The history of social media and Internet use in Pakistan is densely rich although it is a relatively new online culture. The availability of internet was made possible in Pakistan since 1992, and since its availability it has developed several million users. According to the information the very first beginning of Internet in Pakistan were introduced with a dial-up E-mail service provided by Imran-Net in 1992-93. Following the success of that dial-up E-mail venture, a new project called Sustainable Development Networking Programme was initiated in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad in 1993.

After the SDNPK was found successful even more signed on for it the project received funding for a few more years, and established network in other cities such as Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar. In 1996 around twenty years before the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) was established. Following the establishment of the PTA steady increases in bandwidth and delivery afforded Pakistan with easier and more accessible Internet usage. Since 2007, Pakistan experiences a fast and well-working Internet.

In the Country Ranks of 2014 Pakistan was listed as among the top 20 countries with Internet users at 20,431,000, and as the 57th country for Internet hosts with only 365,813. According to an article “Social, Digital, and Mobile in Pakistan” by Simon Kemp social media in Pakistan has grown 50% . This report shows that nearly two third of the Pakistani population are below the age of 30 years, and the country is proposed to be the 4th fastest growing country in the world population wise. This allows for an even greater portion of the population to engage with social media, as the younger demographic tends to be the most dynamic with communication.

Facebook is the most visited Internet site in Pakistan, followed by Google, YouTube, Blogs, Wikipedia, WhatsApp, Viber, twitter, LinkedIn and others. Pakistan is on the high ranks in world Facebook users ranking. Currently there are more than 6 million Facebook users in Pakistan and about 51 per cent of which belong to 18-24 years of age group. Twitter is said to have more than 3 million users in Pakistan and this ratio is increasing rapidly.

Internet penetration is dramatically increasing in Pakistan. Pakistan Telecommunication Ltd (PTCL) and other telecommunication companies are now offering affordable and speedy internet services. The involvement and interest of Pakistani citizens in Social networking can be judged by the ratio of use of different social networking applications.

Social media is an attractive, informative, useful, and approachable way to get information. In last few years, there is an increase observed in the smartphone, smart tablet, and wireless broadband market in Pakistan. It is because of the popularity of social media, its access, and usage in most of citizens, which is a positive prospect for the country.

The impact of social media on democracy in Pakistan

Pakistan has realized that social media has played and still playing importantrole in democracy, but the social media is Double-edged sword, if you can use it properly , it will be very useful and helpful ,however if you use it in the wrong way ,it will do harm to the democracy and society overall. How to learn about the world, understand national policies, so the significance of social media for the country’s development is great. To fight corruption, the role of the social media is very important. To build a democratic society, first of all it reflected in the democracy of the traditional and social media. It plays an active role in the national progress and it improves the democracy in the country and it also increases the social atmosphere of democracy but still social media should play a more and more important role in democracy, in order to improve the Democratic norms and warn the corruption and enhance the social democratic atmosphere.

Social Media in Pakistani Politics

Political parties in Pakistan are making good use of Social Media; most of the political parties have official webs, Facebook and Twitter pages. This shows that they have recognized the power and importance of social media. Social networks are the best medium for political parties to attract and engage their followers and voters. Political Parties including PPP, PTI, PML-N, MQM and others operate their official tweeter, Facebook and other social networks to communicate, engage and inform people about their events and policies. Politicians too have their individual accounts which shows their interest to defend their party and engage with people via social media.
It will be no wrong to claim that these forums are playing very effective and constructive role in Pakistani society and in the politics of the country. Social media is challenging the traditional political patterns and it is introducing the new political paradigms.

The impact of social media on students behavior in Pakistan

The social networking sites are popular these days among all ages in the world including Pakistan. These sites have been very critical in removing the geographical boundaries and provide a common platform all over the world. The analysis of researches conducted time to time in different parts of the country revealed that students are more likely to use these sites to find old friends, maintain their existing offline relations, pass time and be entertained.

Most of the students use these applications and network just for knowledge. Generally, students of post graduates are using these sites and applications for entertainment purpose. Its also been noticed that a part of students also use social networking websites/applications due to social and political purpose.

Social media use for marketing purpose in Pakistan

Apart from other industries there is a boom in textile industry of Pakistan. Apparels produced in Pakistan are becoming popular amongst local women. This business is gaining momentum as a good designer dress is considered to be a status symbol amongst women and they try their best for getting it. Added to this trend is the growth of usage of Social networking sites amongst the women of Pakistan along social interaction in person. Women of Pakistan consider traditional word of mouth to be more authentic than social media for making purchase decisions related to their apparels but still there is a huge part of that community relies on social media for that purpose.
Moreover social media marketing has helped young entrepreneurs in expanding their business and to create awareness among deserving and potential entrepreneurs about social media options. So we can say social media is the most popular tool among entrepreneurs as it is an easy, safe, and secure way for earning their livelihood.

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