Lume Cube is back on Kickstarter with a smartphone-friendly light source

At the point when Lume Cube initially collided with the world’s cognizance, they did as such with a $80 cell phone controlled, waterproof light went for the GoPro-cherishing extraordinary games advertise. Today, the organization propelled a Kickstarter battle for Life Lite, its followup. Life Lite is 33 percent less brilliant, additionally a large portion of the cost and a large portion of the size. The new expansion is gone for individuals shooting live video with cell phones.

“We trusted this would have been fruitful,” said Lume Cube’s originator and CEO Mornee Sherry in a meeting a week ago. “Also, the first Lume Cube is currently accessible available to be purchased in more than 45 nations.”

The Lume Cube Life Lite can in any case be utilized with GoPros, obviously, yet its marginally more slender shape calculate means it’s more qualified to cell phone picture takers — and individuals who need to have the capacity to toss a little light in their pocket or pack

The first Lume Cube turned into a dear of outrageous games fans everywhere throughout the world, yet the solid shape molded light was too huge and excessively expensive for a portion of the organization’s clients. The reaction turned into the Life Lite. Waterproof to 30 feet (10m) and yielding up to 1,000 lumens, the light isn’t as high-spec as the first Lume Cube (which went to 100 feet and yield 1,500 lumens), however at a large portion of the size and a large portion of the value, it may very well be the ideal match for individuals who have distinctive requirements from their lighting circumstances.

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