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The Main Festivals in China

China has a very rich culture, the reflection of which is greatly reflected in Chinese festivals. The Chinese festivals are celebrated according to Chinese lunar calendar. Some of the Chinese festivals are mentioned below

1.  Spring Festival:

The Spring Festival is the main traditional festival in China, it is marked with the beginning of new lunar year, and there are 7 day holidays on this occasion. People visit their families, wish each other happy new year and the families have family union dinner. On New Year’s Eve, there are fire works. The people of northern region eat dumplings and those of southern region eat glutinous rice cake, sweet balls.

  1. Lantern Festival:

It is celebrated on 15th of the first month of the lunar year. The sweet balls are eaten and the red lanterns are hanged everywhere. People go out for viewing various kinds of lanterns.

  1. Qingming Festival:

It is celebrated on the 5th of the fourth month of the lunar year. On this occasion, people visit the graves of their near and dear ones and the revolutionary heroes for cleaning them, pay homage to them and place flowers on the graves.

  1. Dragon Boat Festival:

It is celebrated on the 5th of the fifth month of the lunar year to commemorate a famous Chinese poet Quyuan who committed suicide when the Chu state was defeated by Qin Shihuang’s army. The delicacy of this festival is “Zongzi”, which are polished glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves.

  1. Mid- Autumn Festival:

It is celebrated on the 15th of the eighth month of the lunar year (in the middle of the autumn season). On this occasion, people eat moon cakes, the families are gathered, have dinner and view the full moon. Those who are away from their families, home towns and country miss them on seeing the moon.

  1. National Day:

It is celebrated on Oct 1st of the solar year. It is the founding day of Peoples Republic of China. There are 7 day holidays on this occasion. The parade is held before Tian’anmen Square in Beijing.

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