Member Agreement Membership Agreement / Reseller Agreement

1. This agreement is between Member of ePage and Management

1.1 is an online Referral Marketing Firm, Offering Membership to general public to start their online blog / website under platform to sell / resell membership and services offered by Marketplace.

1.2 allow its members to post unlimited ads posts under content marketing services at reasonable price or free.

1.3 All Services Charges / Membership fee are non-refundable in full or in part

1.4. Your All Earnings are Calculated for 12 month period.

1.5 Inactivity : if member fail to activate/Login or participate in Account for more than 90 days his/her account UALP earnings are in risk of Deletion, system can reset his/her UALP earnings to 0. No claim of member will be entertain after the account reset. Cash Earning will Remain for 12 months since joining.

2. team will develop and design your blog according to your package. Your blog address will be

Regular membership
Your domain name
5gb hosting
Basic blog design

Rs 5000

Company website + Blog

Rs 7000

Already develop blog or website

Rs 4000

2.1 will Provide full Functional Basic Blog Website with its login access and basic training on CMS (wORDPRESS).

2.2 will provide login information to member Area at to post ads and other offers by USER CAN MANAGE HIS/HER POINTS AND INCOME MANAGEMENT THROUGH OUR DASHBOARD.

2.3 will not provide any report or any notifications. However, member can see his/her progress online.

2.4 will pay 20% ie referral commission  for every successful referral membership for program. can reduce or increase referral commission without any notice.

2.5 will pay all referral traffic at Rs.0.2 to 0.5/- (only unique visitors) Traffic referral commissions to its daily top 10 referral websites/blogs. ppc rates depend on your downline.

2.6 will not claim any share on ad-posts by members. Member can earn from ad/article postings.

2.7 is offering User Activity Log Point  the value of UAL point will be determent according to the value of Member Servers online. can reduce anytime without any notice. the lower limit is fixed at Rs.100 = 1000 UALP

2.8 The Actual Worth of the blog/website designing is : Rs.15000 + Rs.5000 for domain and Hosting Services. if any member wish to leave and want his blog to be transfer to him/her, he or she has to pay Rs.10,000 as a web development fee and will liable to pay domain + hosting fee per year at Rs.3500/year.

2.9 The blog worth award will start after 60 days of your joining and will determined after ever 30 to 60 days and 4 to 5 times in a years.

2.10 Member can switch between levels of memberships (for example from anyone who joined as Referral Partner and later wish to become blogger) he/she need to pay 50% Amount of desired level of Membership.

3. By joining as member, he/she will be responsible to perform following operation as directed by administration team.

3.1 By Joining this referral system member will provide minimum 10 referral members in a year. If member fail to introduce 10 members in a year he/she will have to pay the joining fee to retain membership status for next year.

3.2 every member ,upon joining will receive 250 UAL  Point as joining bonus and Introducer will get 200 UALP’s.

3.3 epage sponsor links and sponsor page on member website/Blog  should  remain there and it should not be alter or removed, in case of removal or alteration team block the member blog/website. and stop his/her earnings at

3.4 Membership will be cancelled if member fail to refer any member in 12 months of membership. Or he/she has to pay renewal of membership / blog / website.

3.5 There will be no Renewal fee if member will provide 10 or more referrals in a year.

3.6 Member is advised to post at least one story /article on his/her blog every day to increase his/her blog worth.

3.7 Member should browse 25 to 50 blogs of members every day at Magazine.

3.8 Members should follow the instruction given on posting ad-posts / article page. and should post articles according to his/her current privilege at membership status.

3.9 All Bonuses will be given on yearly basis.

3.10 Member can collect his/her commission on monthly  basis .If the earning reach the minimum payout amount.

3.11 Member should send us payment request on monthly basis and upon receiving request need 7 days to transfers funds.

3.12 Members need to attend training sessions / strategy workshops, if they were invited by team.

3.13 Ranks can only be given on performance basis by founder himself. or normally by the chart of achievements.

3.14 Member should visit earning detail page to know and understand his/her earning details.

3.15 Ranks Achievement & per month Earnings: Since every member is entitle to earn from earning program for the next 12 month since his/her joining. monthly income will start on achieving Silver to Executive Ranks, and every designated earnings will start from the proceeding month till his/her membership expiry month. For Example if member achieve his/her Silver Rank in his 3rd month of joining he/she will receive Rs.300 for next 9 month and if member reach his/her Gold Rank in his 6th month of membership, member will receive Rs.500/month for next 6 month.

3.16 Inactivity Cancellation: if member fail to withdraw  his/her earnings before 25 days of his/her blog all earnings will be cancelled and can not be cash out in full or in parts. Same is the case if the earning amount do not fulfill the minimum payout threshold 

4. User Personal Blog :

4.1 has will not publish any post on user blog/website. user will be responsible for all posts and content of his/her blog/website.

4.2. will not provide any maintenance of user blog or updating of scripts and not responsible for any site crash or virus or hacking. but provide all necessary training and guidance to keep blog/website active and updated.

4.3. User can Submit Payout Request only once in a month. and it may take 7 days to process his/her payout requests.

4.4. Member Account will be suspend in case he/she remove the RSS Code of posts and banners. his/her all payments in due will be halted.

4.5 Member blog website maintenance will be his/her own responsibility after training provided by tech team. if anything happen to website and it goes down or malfunctioning due to spam attack or failure in updating plugins and WordPress. have full rights to system member accounts and payouts until member compliance with update the website.

5.6 Member Article Posting at, Members are allowed article posting according to their membership status from 1 article to 4 article per day. Member can not post scheduled posting more than 3 days in advance.

5. Clicking on Ads / Links / banners on Member Blog provided by for PPC Earning

You, as a Member and affiliate of PPC Program, retain full responsibility for the unfair increase in the number of clicks and/or impressions. Any attempt to create such an unfair increase in the number of clicks and/or impressions leads to blocking of access and payments.

The prohibited methods include actions such as:

  • The artificial increase in the number of clicks by clicking manually by the Webmaster or using other kinds of specialized software that perform such actions.
  • The artificial increase in the number of impressions by creating an increase of screenings using third-party tools, such as using other domains by the Webmaster.
  • Forcing visitors click on an ad unit. For example, the placement of the advertising block in the video window of the player or the placement of the ad unit in the pop-up window blocking access to content and/or functionality of the site.
  • A call to click. For example, the promise of financial reward for the exercise of the clicks, attracting the attention by creating visitor requests (“Help website”, “Support us” etc.), the use of exchanges and affiliate programs with pay per action.
  • Confusing visitors into clicking the ad. The ad format is not allowed to be in small font with color that coincides with the background color, or where the block format matches the format of the main content, etc..
  • Any other acts that lead to an artificial increase in the number of clicks and/or impressions.

6. Minimum Payouts:

  • Pay you on monthly basis and out minimum Payment Grid is as under:
    • Minimum cash Payment will be Rs.1000 through Referrals, Tasking
    • Minimum PPC Payments will be Rs.500
    • Minimum UAL Conversions and Payouts will be 5000UALP = Rs.500

7. Affiliate Market Place for Merchant Partners

Coming Soon!

8. can change its terms and conditions anytime with/without  notice.