Memories of living in Saudi Arabia

There are few precious moments in our life which are really unforgettable. When you recall them they make you smile. One such phase in my life is the period which I spent in Saudi Arabia during my childhood. It started with my Father’s recruitment in one of the best poultry companies in Saudi Arabia, he left for Saudi Arabia first, my Mother and me joined him one year later. That time I was the only child of my parents, so I enjoyed my life there a lot.I had a separate room where my toys and other belongings were placed. My Father had a very tough job, initially he worked from morning till late night due to which I did not have time to spend with him in the evening. By the time he came back to home I fell asleep. However, later his work load was reduced and he started spending time with me.

I was always excited whenever we went to the mart for purchasing groceries. There were few things which I liked very much like fruit juices, ketchup, etc; I always insisted my Mother to buy them. The finger fish was very tasty and my Mother often made that for us. One more thing which I enjoyed was the weather, because we lived in Taif City which is situated in Northern region, so the weather was quite cool there. It was hot during day time but quite pleasant in the evening due to breeze. We used to go Makkah, Madina and Jeddah once in a month, the road from Taif City to Makkah and Jeddah had numerous zigzags, there were around ninety zigzags on that road, I always screamed while passing that road.

I performed umrah with my parents several times and Hajj once as well. My Mother worked in the school where I used to Study, we went to the School together. Later my sisters were born and my Mother got busy in looking after them. Overall it was a nice experience of living in Saudi Arabia. Whenever I recall that period, I really want a flashback. Member - Author of this Article
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