How Mobile Apps Empowering Women in Pakistan?

The lives of Pakistani ladies have significantly changed amid the previous 30 years. More ladies have entered the workforce and they are more enabled and liberated than any other time in recent memory. However, of late, that procedure has been changed by another variable – the quickly developing access to versatile web.

“At Sparklist, we need to give everybody the chance to make additional salary and advantage from what they as of now have or can make. We see a developing number of ladies offering in our stage, exploiting the free of charges space to offer DIY and high quality items”, clarifies Nalla Karunanithy, organizer of Sparklist, distributed classifieds portable application that securely interfaces purchasers and merchants in a similar region.

“It gives a considerable measure of ladies who are not working all day or are working private ventures from their homes a decent stage; it enables them to achieve their purchasers without spending huge amounts of cash on print and media publicizing.” remarks Aleena Ahmad, Business Unit Leader at Coca Cola Beverages Pakistan.

Ladies that as of now work, likewise find on the stage a method for expanding the family pay.

“Offering our children garments on Sparklist is by all accounts exceptionally valuable as children storerooms are constantly loaded down with garments and shoes. The children become quick till the age of 10, and garments as a rule don’t fit them any longer, yet you don’t have a craving for discarding them as they are new”, tells Mahvish Omer, Marketing at The Pakistan Cricket Board and mother of a 5 year old kid.

Web and innovation have tremendously affected individuals’ lives and can make better approaches to build wage for the family. In this situation, Sparklist gives clients a protected domain to purchase and offer without trading off security and as yet being interested in the unlimited potential outcomes of the online world. Member - Author of this Article
Adeela Khan
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