My Dear Suzuki Mehran Car

People like to keep big cars now a days, however my late Father was always in the favor of keeping small cars due to their size and easy maintenance. In the beginning, he used Suzuki IFX, used that for fifteen years and sold out, then purchased Suzuki Mehran car. He felt quiet relaxed and comfortable while driving Suzuki Mehran car. I had my early driving lessons using Mehran car as well, being a woman, I also found Mehran a very friendly car.

Suzuki Mehran car is among the cheaper cars available in Pakistan. It can be fitted any where due to its tiny size in huge traffic jams and in the congested parking areas. It is an ideal car for middle class people including the students, young employees and those having small families. The spare parts of Mehran car are easily available at reasonable price. Overall I feel a great sentimental attachment with Suzuki Mehran and reluctant to sell it out. Member - Author of this Article
Uzma Javed
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