Plan9 Startup, Raises Investment on Idea Croron Ka

It is with huge delight we present to you the news of another startup raising venture. Plan9’s graduated class startup raises speculation on Idea Croron Ka – Pakistan’s First Business Reality Show. On the eighteenth we saw the first scene of Idea Croron Ka where the qualifiers of tryouts contributed front of the expert board of speculators and master consultant. The principal startup to pitch was Wajiha and Kashan, the fellow benefactors, after a strained arrangement could persuade the speculators to put resources into their startup thought of advancing opposite trade where merchants can acquire cash by transforming their storage room into money. It is a commercial center of qualified pre-claimed things for purchasers and merchants of social group. Wajiha and Kashan requested Rs. 1.5 crores against 15% value yet after an augmented transaction with the speculators, they settled for Rs. 1 crore for 30% value. With this colossal speculation they get cash as well as master counsel and mentorship of 2 very fruitful business people/financial specialists. It was a joint venture by Mr. Salim Ghauri, CEO at Netsol and Mr. Humayun Mazhar, CEO at Cres Soft.

At the point when in discussion with Wajiha and Kashan this is the thing that they needed to say in regards to it: “We are to a great degree glad to have speculators like Humayun Mazhar and Salim Ghauri on board. Giving a little bit of value against their direction and mentorship is nothing.”

Wajiha and Kashan have buckled down on their startup. They have an exceptionally intriguing story of battles and accomplishment to share. This is the thing that Wajiha needed to say in regards to her entrepreneurial trip:

“All through my youth I was raised with the conventional considered turning into a specialist and be a lifeline later on. Be that as it may, I was dependably into devices and tech devices. Thusly, rather than being an exhausting specialist, I needed to wind up plainly a representative notwithstanding when I had no clue what an agent precisely did. Be that as it may, today, in the event that I think back, I know it’s about diligent work, energy and excitement.

Beginning off with zero speculation, no capital and a solitary PC, my better half and I started a computerized outline office Conceptbeans Pvt Ltd without any preparation. With undying determination we in the long run collaborated with plan offices in USA and UK and wound up noticeably one of the top of the line offices on Upwork. Member - Author of this Article
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