A recent trip to Lahore

During the winter break of the year 2016, I made the plan of visiting Lahore with my family.  We left for Lahore on December 24th, 2016 via motor way, the weather was clear till Bhera where we stayed for few minutes, however, from Bhera onward, fog was seen on both sides, there was very less visibility, any how, the weather turned clear when we reached near Ravi Toll Plaza, unfortunately, there was huge traffic jam near Ravi Toll Plaza, it seems that all people from Islamabad were travelling to Lahore that day, there was a great mess there,  the trucks and trailers were trying to join the queue of the cars. We stuck there for almost one and a half hour then passed toll plaza. One thing which I always felt in every visit to Lahore that whenever we enter Lahore, we always inhale polluted air instead of fresh and clear air, this time, there was smog all around. We had to stay at our aunt’s place who lives in Marghazar Colony, as the place was new for us, it took almost forty minutes to reach there. When we reached her home it was almost sunset, we had some food and straight away went to the bed as we were too tired.

 The next day i.e on 25th dec, 2016, we visited few relatives and spent nice time with them. We heard from our relatives that there is a restaurant in Old Anarkali Bazar where we can have tasty nihari. One of our good friends told us about that place and we planned to have nihari there on  December 26th, 2016. Next day, we went to Karim Block Market in Allama Iqbal Town and bought some clothes from there. Karim Block Market has the factory outlets of the famous brands like outfitters, break out, minnie minors, etc; the clothes include wester wear like hoodies, shawls, shirts, jackets, jeans pants, jaggings, etc; we skipped the lunch as we planned to enjoy nihari. Then we went to Cantt area for picking our friend who mentioned nihari to us. This trip was unique in the sense that I had the opportunity to pass by the places in Old Lahore city. We passed by Mall Road and then passed by tomb of Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh, the streets of old city are very crowdy and congested. The roads around the tomb lead to Lohari Gate, Taxali Gate and Anarkali Bazar. There was huge traffic there, most of the people go there in Auto Rikshaw and motor bikes, we had to reach Waris Nihari house where we reached with great difficulty. Any how, we enjoyed eating nihari with nan and sheermaal, it was really very tasty, after that we went to McLoed Road for drinking Green Tea(Kashmiri Tea). There are a lot of cinema houses on Mc Loed Road, which run Punjabi Movies and stage dramas. After drinking tea, we had paan of a famous shop called Sikandar paan shop, that paan was heavier than the ordinary paan, the shop was small, but a lot of people were purchasing paan from there.

Next day, we visited some friends in day time, in the evening, we went to the moon market of Faisal town for eating seekh kababs and on Wednesday i.e on December 28th, 2016 we returned to Islamabad safe and sound. Member - Author of this Article
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