Telenor Group Board Chair Gunn Wærsted visits Pakistan

Ms. Gunn Wærsted, Chair of Telenor Group, as of late finished up a one day visit to Telenor Pakistan amid which she held abnormal state gatherings with top administration delegates of Telenor Pakistan and talked about organization’s key objectives. Amid her visit Ms. Wærsted additionally approached Ms. Anusha Rahman, Minister of State for Information Technology and Telecom, at her office and talked about the improvement in Pakistan’s ICT area and Telenor’s aspirations going ahead.

“Telenor has a long haul responsibility to Pakistan, which is obvious from the level of venture that presently remains at US$ 3.5 billion since its initiation in 2005,” said Gunn Wærsted. “Driven by our vision of enabling social orders, our prosperity to date has been based on a straightforward acknowledgment: portable correspondence, money related administrations and web are not extravagance merchandise for the few; they are for everybody and Telenor Pakistan has assumed a key part in the acknowledgment of this vision.” Ms. Wærsted additionally underlined on the requirement for unsurprising administrative structures and emphasized the significance of governments, organizations and associations cooperating to empower advanced development and manufacture shared an incentive in Pakistan.

Amid her visit, Ms. Wærsted praised Telenor Pakistan’s current win of the prestigious extensive ‘Change Award’ and acknowledged Telenor Pakistan for having risen as the nation’s driving telecom administrator and also the nation’s premier computerized way of life accomplice, and shared the Group’s desires for what’s to come.

“We invite Ms. Wærsted to Pakistan and extend our genuine appreciation to her and also the Group for perceiving Telenor Pakistan’s trip of turning into a computerized administrations supplier.” said Irfan Wahab Khan, CEO, Telenor Pakistan. “We trust that her visit is yet another demonstration of Telenor’s reasonable interests in Pakistan and its commitments to the financial advancement of our general public. Working in Pakistani since 2005, we have made huge commitments to Pakistan’s economy and society, touching lives in various ways. Aside from our far reaching system impression covering 84% of the nation’s populace, we have made a monetary commitment of over US$2.3 billion through immediate and aberrant charges, produced more than 180,000 circuitous and prompted occupations in 2015 alone, added to the GDP, propelled activities to engage youth and ladies, and tried outcome arranged endeavors toward computerized and budgetary consideration in the nation, as apparent from Telenor’s Global Impact Report by KPMG.” Mr. Khan included that Telenor Pakistan will keep on serving the Pakistani society with a similar level of duty. Member - Author of this Article
Adeela Khan
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