Telenor Pakistan Reveals Global Impact Report about Empowerment of Society and Contribution to Economy

Repeating its dedication to enabling the Pakistani society, Telenor Pakistan as of late uncovered Telenor Group’s first Global Impact Report measuring the financial effect of the Group’s commitments in its 13 worldwide markets including Pakistan.

Appointed to KPMG, the report was created in light of a financial system and autonomous review that surveyed some of the monetary and social effects Telenor Group has over the business sectors in which it specifically works. The financial impacts caught in this review were ordered into four key perspectives in particular ‘Driving full scale monetary development’, ‘Empowering the more extensive economy’, ‘Maintainability in the inventory network’ and ‘Telenor’s commitment in emergency circumstances’.

As respects to driving macroeconomic development, Telenor Pakistan produced over $1,793 million of GVA (Gross Added Value) for the Pakistani economy in 2015, representing 0.7% of Pakistan’s aggregate national GVA in 2015. On the business front, Telenor specifically utilized 5,405 staff in Pakistan in 2015, and created an extra 134,300 circuitous occupations in Pakistan through its inventory network and a further 46,600 initiated employments connected to representative spending. The report likewise highlights Telenor’s $179m capital speculation, and its part in broad daylight financing where it made a monetary commitment of $339 million to the Government of Pakistan through duties and other administrative installments including permit charges, recurrence expenses and numbering expenses, both in the year 2015. Member - Author of this Article
Adeela Khan
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