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It’s been one and a half year since I am teaching in Supernova School and College,Islamabad. I really found the school different from the ones I worked earlier, the environment is very friendly and home like.I always feel that I reached my own home whenever go to the school. All the faculty members and administration staff treat each other like family members. Every one is willing to help you and cooperate with you, no matter what happens.Our Head Mistress is very loving and caring. We can discuss every kind of problem with her and she always tells us the solution in a positive manner.The top management is also very much concerned about the faculty members and gives them the respect. During my teaching tenure, I have seen the students receiving prizes and the awards, however I never heard that Supernova School also gives awards to the teachers for their efforts. Today, I received the appreciation award from Supernova school and College which is a matter of pride for me. I am really very happy that Supernova School bestowed me the reward,it really means a lot for me. I am glad to be the part of Supernova School and College. Member - Author of this Article
Uzma Javed
Uzma Javed My name is Uzma Javed. I have the blog of learning Chinese through which the members can learn Chinese and Enjoy, it is I specialized in Chinese Languge from China.Learning Chinese will be definitely a fun.
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  1. Congratulations Uzma,I am really happy for you. Best of luck!

  2. Congratulations Uzma!I am really glad to hear about your achievement!keep it up!