The famous eateries of Rawalpindi

In Rawalpindi City, there are few eateries which are well-known for their unique taste of the traditional food. Kirtaarpura Bazaar near Banni Chowk in Rawalpindi is a bustling place for the food. If you wish to eat Nihari, then go to Kaala Khan Nihari house and enjoy Nalli Nihari and Brain Nihari(maghaz nihari),there is a lassi shop beside Nihari House, where lassi is made in the traditional style.Apart from this, there are two famous restaurants named as Baala Tikka House and Al-sheikh Tikka house,which are famous for the karahis and other bar-becue stuff like chappli kebabs, seekh kebabs,etc;The prices of the food items are reasonable and you can place the order according to your wish and requirement. Baala Tikka house is older than Al-Sheikh Tikka House and also has a hall for the families. A large number of the people visit these places from twin cities.The quality of the food is maintained by the restaurants. The drawback of this place is that there is no proper place for the parking of the vehicles and you need to park your vehicle at your own risk.You may get disturbance in the flow of traffic due to the congested road.

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  1. I really wish to visit Kartaar pura and taste the BBQ stuff, heard alot about the place.