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The Movie Actor in Law

Recently I watched the movie Actor-in-law in the cinema.I really enjoyed watching it.It is a good past time not only because of humor and comedy but also because of the hidden ironical criticism about various social evils in Pakistan. The story is about a young man(Fahad Mustafa) whose father(Om Puri) is a lawyer, he got admission in a law college however quit his law studies as he wants to become an actor, he participated in the auditions at various places however failed due to certain weaknesses, then one day while he was picking up his father’s belongings in the court premises, a group of laborers begged him to help them out, he initially refused but realized immediately that he could help them, as he is clad in black dress, the people think that he is a lawyer, he defends their case in the court like a hero of a film, he utters the dialogues which he used to speak during auditions earlier in a funny way, finally the court gives the verdict in the favor of the laborers, following this case, the masses started consulting him for solving various problems like repair of home electronics including fridge, television, washing machine and solving the electricity billing problem, that is the most humorous part of the movie, the dialogues uttered by Fahad Mustafa are a direct criticism on the government’s rules and the policies.

In another part of the movie, the palmists, people involved in doing black magic and fake doctors treating erectile dysfuction are presented in the court by Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat (Heroine of the movie) and are warned by the court to stop practicing these things. The dialogues of the movie are full of sarcasm and irony especially few things related to Quaid-e-Azam, i.e;he(Quaid-e-Azam wanted to become an actor himself but then became a lawyer upon the advice of his father),in the end of the movie, Fahad Mustafa proposes Mehwish Hayat for the marriage, she responded that she is a Parsi, how he can marry her. Fahad Mustafa replies that Quaid-e-Azam also married a Parsi lady, why can’t he?

Overall, it is a good past time with the meaningful content. I would suggest the people to watch the movie. Member - Author of this Article
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  1. I heard about the movie, its really hilarious, will plan to watch it.