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Tokyo versus Kyoto : Which is better?

There has long been a battle raging between Japan’s two most popular cities – Tokyo and Kyoto. One is a clamoring city filled to overflowing with individuals, autos, and structures. The other is the home of social tourism in Japan, with roads fixed with lights, and geisha stowing away down curious back streets. In any case, when you’re arranging an excursion to the place where there is the rising sun – how would you choose which city to visit? All things considered, that all relies on upon you!


How about we start by investigating the clamoring state house city of Tokyo. At the point when the vast majority consider Japan, this is the principal city that pops into their brains – and in light of current circumstances! This is the most crowded metropolitan range on the planet, with an official populace of more than 36,000,000 individuals! Each road you stroll down in this city is fixed with sparkling high rises and neon signs. More than 60,000,000 individuals fly all through the urban areas Haneda Airport consistently, and the shot trains are continually running. With a broad system of tram lines, and simple English aides in each station – it is the home of available travel.

Why I Love Tokyo

As though the above reasons weren’t sufficient, Tokyo has such a variety of additionally sparkling qualities that make me cherish it all the more every time I visit. This is a major city, which means it’s exceptionally occupied. As a rule, I would loathe this, however for reasons unknown in Tokyo, I don’t. It doesn’t feel like a strain to walk anyplace, it feels like you’re a part of the endless throng of the city. The pulse of Japan.

Why I Don’t Love Tokyo

Yet, it’s not all rainbows and horses. In such a bustling city, int’s obvious that individuals are in a surge. Be that as it may, this does frequently mean guests feeling somewhat less invited by local people as they breeze past, or overlook a grin. Originating from the North of England, and living in Kyoto, I discovered this difficult to handle. Everybody around me generally grins, waves, or offers a welcome. Being in such a major city implied, to the point that I no longer had the inclination that everybody was upbeat to see me.


Kyoto is the unquestionable home of Japanese culture. The city is loaded with 20% of the nations National Treasures, 14% of vital social properties, and is even classed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site itself. With acclaimed sanctuaries, boulevards loaded with kimono-clad ladies, and profound, recorded roots. Kyoto is a firm most loved among numerous explorers. Likewise effortlessly open from adjacent Kansai International Airport in Osaka, Kyoto is genuine the number 1 vacationer spot in Japan.

Why I Love Kyoto

Kyoto is a city brimming with character, and a place I’ve generally felt invited. The general population you pass in the city grin as they stroll by, and in light of the fact that this is such a visitor hotspot – there’s more English here as well. This is a place where you can truly investigate the excellent, conventional side to Japan’s way of life. The general population here don’t feel like they’re in a surge, and are constantly glad to help you out when you get lost.

Why I don’t love Kyoto

Since no one is in a surge, it can be fairly troublesome in the event that you are! Strolling down the bustling boulevards in the hart of the city when you’re attempting to get the chance to take a shot at time can be a trial in itself. Additionally, in view of what number of voyagers it pulls in – particularly amid cherry bloom season – the roads can turn out to be to a great degree occupied! Member - Author of this Article
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