Zong 4G Hosts Iftaar for Street Children

“A New Hope” volunteers of Zong 4G’s leader CSR program accepted the open door over this end of the week to go through an Iftaar with the Street Children of Islamabad. The youngsters stay in the urban ghettos of the Bari Imam zone of Islamabad and support themselves by washing autos, picking waste and offering little stock in the city.

Not long ago, Zong 4G had setup a 4G web lab for these youngsters at their school, interfacing them to the virtual world surprisingly. From that point forward, Zong’s volunteers have been conveying Internet mindfulness sessions to these kids in a redesigned and more current condition,

Perceiving the way that Ramzan is a period of sharing flourishing and helping the ignored portions of the general public, the volunteers took Iftaar bundles for the youngsters and shared the dinner in a merry air.

Zong 4G, a China Mobile Company, is a socially mindful association that has dependably expected to make an effect in the general public by conveying on numerous social causes. Zong’s volunteers have demonstrated an incredible resolve in contributing towards their municipal obligations in the past and keeps on expanding on the force created since the dispatch of the program. With a 75% piece of the overall industry and arrangements for 100% 4G overhaul before the current year’s over, Zong is ruling the 4G field driving the nation towards another, brighter future. Exercises, for example, these give significant impulse to the reason for upgrading social incorporation that in turns backings Zong’s longing of a prosperous Pakistan.

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